Review in Context Simplified

The browser-based application for reviewing and correcting translations in the layout

About WebReview

For internationally operating companies having translations reviewed by employees in the respective country subsidiaries who are not usually involved in the translation processes is an important step of quality assurance, as it allows valuable feedback by those close to the market to play a factor in the translations.

However, nowadays translations are mostly carried out in special translation environments (CAT tools). These constitute the text passages to be translated without the context of the source document. Checking the contents in the finished document, i.e. after the foreign-language typesetting, can be time-consuming in practice. Especially since the translation processes are often complex and product, sales or marketing experts do not work daily with the translation industry tools.

Gemino has found a way to make this important step easy: With WebReview.

WebReview makes it possible to check translations directly in the finished PDF. Changes, additions and comments can be easily made in a standard web browser. It is also possible to seamlessly forward them to the translator teams and have them incorporated into the translation and terminological databases (such as TermCloud by Gemino) with or without a counter-check.

This allows your experts to be integrated into the translation process in an elegant and efficient way, ensuring the quality of the foreign-language versions of your documents in a practical manner.

WebReview – Advantages

  • Practical review and correction of translations – without training and installation
  • Feedback to the translators as well as updating the translation databases
  • Seamless integration of this quality testing step into the translation processes
  • The system supports the user with reference materials and provides guidance
  • Intuitive user interface, ease of use
  • The effect: fewer unnecessary changes and less communication effort in terms of this correction cycle

WebReview – Technical Features

  • Reviewing and correction of translations in the document layout in the target language PDF file
  • Possibility to directly change or comment on texts in the target language
  • Option to additionally display the source language or a reference language
  • The possibility to integrate valid terminology as a reference (for example, TermCloud by Gemino)
  • Extendable to integrate into terminology workflows
  • Versatile quality assurance features to support the user during the review process
  • Export of changed or annotated text passages in standard exchange format for further use in the translation system (feedback to translator teams)
  • Update of the translation databases: Incorporation of changes either directly or following the translator teams’ approval
  • Integration into the translation processes with CAT tools (for example, memoQ by Kilgray, Trados Studio 2015 by SDL, and other CAT tools with XLIFF 1.2 standard)
  • Integration into the translation processes via API (available depending on the technical set-up)
  • Localization of the user interface available for all your target languages
  • If desired completely free of the hassle related to user registration: clicking on a link in the notification e-mail takes the responsible employee directly to the review view of the corresponding review order
  • Data security according to current standards as well as tailored to your company guidelines

WebReview – System Requirements

Workplace for Review/Correction:

  • Standard office PC (Windows, Apple OS)
  • Screen size: ideally 24″ or 1920×1080 for optimal work
  • Standard, current browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and Internet connection


  • No requirements – provided as an Saas via Gemino server in the German data center

WebReview in Practice

Quality Assurance in the Finished Document

Regardless of whether it is technical documents, sales documents, product brochures or other marketing material: The aim of each translation process is to ensure high quality in the target language.

Experienced specialist translators, optimal workflows and framework conditions and adequate terminology management help in this process. However, only your marketing and sales specialists in the respective country can judge whether the linguistic style of the translation and the specialist terminology used optimally support the marketing strategy in the respective target markets.

Ideally, these employees have already been involved in the development process of the foreign-language versions and can carry out their review of the “finished” PDF document – preferably directly in the browser and without prior knowledge.

WebReview was developed precisely for this purpose. And so that the necessary changes can continue to be used in future projects.

Easy to Use, Ongoing Feedback

To date, corrections and requests for changes during the review stage in the country subsidiaries are mostly made in PDF documents in the form of comments, often even in the form of handwritten notes, and then scanned or returned to the translator team in file format. In many cases this happens only after the respective documents have been completed or if they have already been printed.

As a consequence, feedback is often only partially taken into account and is disregarded in follow-up projects – especially because it cannot be easily transferred to translation memories.

With WebReview, this step is considerably simplified: Country feedback is created in an effective way and can be seamlessly integrated into all the databases and translation memories involved. This thus becomes “sustainable” feedback which finds its way into all future projects.


WebReview is an application developed by Gemino Language Services & Solutions, which is currently only available in combination with Gemino’s language services.

If you are currently not working with Gemino and are interested in independent use of WebReview, please get in touch with our contact persons.